Boo-Boo's Risk It OR Take It?

Alright Guys, 

Risk Or Take is simple!

Simply pick a numbered chest and wait for our Facebook live shows Tuesdays and Fridays @ 7:30pm AEST time. 

During our live, we will reveal to you what is in your chest. It could be anything that we sell in our shop or even discount codes or free shipping. You then have the big decision in choosing whether to "TAKE" it OR "RISK" for something better.
We have uploaded a photo of what you can "RISK" it for, BUT there's a catch.
Once all the chest have been claimed and If anyone else decides that they want to "RISK" their chest, everyone's name then goes into a draw and 1 name is pulled. That name is the winner!

Please note: This game could go on for multiple LIVE shows. Once the final chest is claimed, then we can draw a winner for everyone who picked "RISK".

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